Why Choose Us?

Individuals and families choose retirement living for a variety of reasons, and we know that they are not always the same. There are many benefits to choosing retirement living at Great Northern Retirement Home, such as a flexible life style for persons who are still active & independent.

Our residents and their families choose the level of care, but we proudly take the work out of day-to-day living so that there is more time to do the things that our residents enjoy!

Many of our residents are couples. Yes, couples can live together and this often relieves stresses and burdens. We can help the couple to ensure that one partner is not being burdened with the care of the other if their physical or medical needs have grown beyond their ability to manage.

The main reason that our residents mention is that there are no more worries:

  • No more worrying for meal preparation
  • No more upkeep of the home & property
  • No concern for frozen pipes or other upkeep
  • No fear of break-ins
  • No fear of missed medication and upkeep of care
  • No need for doing laundry & housekeeping

This is your retirement, free yourself from worry & make it the best time of your life!